Our Expertise Includes But Not Limited To:

Gear Inspection Methods, 

Gear Manufacturing 

Specifications AGMA 2015, 2000-A88

and many More

ASME Y14.5 GD&T 

ANSI/ASME B92.1 1996

Gear Tool Designs

Gear Grinding & Shaping Fixtures

Gear Grinding Arbors

Gleason Die Quenching 

Master Gear Design

Spline Plug Gage Design

Design Special Assembly Fixtures or tools

MITCalc, and Fairfield gear programs.

Auto Cad Drawings 2D & 3D


Assist with External & Internal Spur Gears, Helical Gears, Worm Gear, worms, Spiral Straight Bevel & Bevel Gears, Splines, Face Gears, Ring Gears

Experience with :

Boeing Aerospace, Honeywell Tempe,

Honeywell Pheonix

Triumph Gear , Triumph Actuations, 

Intra Aerospace,  Extex, Timken

Rolls Royce, 

AVX, NorthStar, Collins Aerospace, Karem Aircraft and to many more to mention.

Non Discloser Agreement .

Fully Confidential

ITAR Compliant

US Citizen